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Movies I like

I love the: Lord of the Rings trilogy
               Kingdome of Heaven
               Mister Beans Holiday
               Johnny English :P

Music I listen to

Interesting facts about me


I have been since before I can remember, I am an avid PC gamer as well as a console gamer (PS3 Rules!)
I have bought every TW game since Rome Total War, and have nejoyed them all!

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    Istvan Kiraly

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    Thank you. :)

    I do indeed take great pride in my Microsoft Paint skillz. ;)

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    lol... Nah, you get that thru education and experience...

    I have a degree in Computer Engineering and spent the last two years at uni working on embedded systems which takes you across all programming platforms... I was lucky to work with a well-connected professor who was working on the Cell processor on behalf of IBM (the PS3 processor) before the PS3 was even released and I've done some other cool projects with that professor...

    Alas, I couldn't pursue a job in that domain... It is one of the most enjoyable domains in Computer Engineering...

    And Einstein is a role model for physicists not engineers... My role models mostly work in under ground labs and allergic to sunlight and camera flash light...


    Reply from Duke Dude:

    Either way man, you have a head and a memory!
    And thanks for the comment.
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    Mike lps

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    A kudos for sparing me time thx man